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Low Battery Indicator WarningUpdated 2 years ago

This article applies to the lights in the following table
Int. Battery Lights VIS/Urban SECA COMP/TAZ VIS 360 PRO VIS 360 PRO Plus Rando 500
VIS 180
Ext. Battery Lights Seca Race* Seca Enduro* VIS Adventure*

* Applies to External Batteries and Smart Charger

Low Battery Indicator Warning

All Light & Motion products are equipped with a Low Battery Warning to let you know that your battery is getting low. Most of our lights will Flash or Flicker briefly upon reaching 5-10% remaining. Some lights are also equipped with an indicator LED that will begin flashing red at 25% (1 blink per second) to alert you about a low battery. As the battery gets lower (5-10%) it will begin flashing more rapidly (2 blinks per second). Here is a breakdown of the different product families and their corresponding Low Battery Warnings:


The indicator LED on the back of the light will also begin flashing red. The Urban will also let you know its getting low by giving a quick flicker of light when it gets below 5%.

2010-2014 models will begin to flash red at 25%. This means you still have about 20 minutes of runtime. When the light reaches 5%, it will begin to flicker every 3 minutes and lower its output to conserve battery. 

SECA Comp/Taz

The Taz will drop down into the lowest power setting and flicker once every three minutes to let you know the battery is getting low. In addition the power button will begun flashing red when it gets into the low battery state. Like our other lights the Taz can be toggled back into higher modes by pressing the power button.

Vis 360

When the battery gets low on the Vis 360 it will flicker once every 3 minutes and drop itself into the lower setting to conserve power. The indicator LED on the tail-light will begin flashing red. You can cycle the light back into high by toggling the power button.

Vis 180

The Vis 180 will drop itself into Paceline Mode (only the yellow side-lights will remain on) when the battery gets low. The small LED indicator on the bottom of the light will begin flashing red. The light can be toggled back into the higher modes by pressing the power button.


The Seca will tell you its battery is getting low when it's depleted to 5% of its total runtime by flickering once every 3 minutes and and then dropping down into the lowest power setting (to conserve the battery). In addition the green LED on the power button will begin flashing. This can be hard to see on the newer Seca models (2016-Current) since the power button was redesigned. While in this low power state the light can still be put back into the higher power settings by pressing the power button to cycle through to the desired mode.



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