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My light is overheating, hot-to-touch!Updated 4 months ago

VIS/UrbanSECA COMP/TAZVIS 360 PROVIS 360 PRO PlusRando 500VIS 180Vya/Vibe

No need to worry. Step back and let the heat-sink do its job! Where there's light, there's heat. Our products produce an immense amount of heat because of the high lumen output, and the heat-sinks are designed to absorb and radiate. The lights allow the heat-sinks to perform up to temperatures as high as 130 degrees Fahrenheit before the light will use its thermal rollback programming to reduce output and cool the light even further. 

At this temperature, it may cause some discomfort to touch the light, but it is in every aspect a safe operating temperature for the light, and for you. Lights will also be warmer if you are not moving for some time. The airflow from riding your bike keeps the light cooled down so it isn't unusual for the light to feel warmer or cooler based on the weather and how fast or slow you are riding.

These lights are also not intended to be hand-held. If you are more interested in a hand-held lighting option, we recommend Vis 360 Pro or Gobe models. These are designed more like your typical flashlight.


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