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Race Mode for Seca, Seca Comp, Taz, Vis Headlights, Urban 700, 900, and 1000Updated 4 months ago


RACE/Adventure MODE

Race mode is designed to allow you to switch between High and Medium settings without having to cycle between all the other modes (low and pulse). Using this feature will not only save you the hassle of pushing your power button frantically to get to the right light output, but it greatly conserves your battery! Switch to Medium on the climbs and High for the descents.

To activate Race Mode, you will start with the light off and then hold the power button for 2  seconds until the light turns on. By pressing the power button as you normally would to cycle through modes, you will notice it only changes between the High and Medium setting.

To go back you your 4 function settings, simply turn the light off by holding the power button down for about 4 seconds. You will then turn the light on as usual by only pressing it once.

Embrace the power of smart design and use it to your advantage next time your out on the trails or the back-roads of your favorite riding spots!

Race Mode Video for Seca Comp and Taz

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