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Run-time Test - Bike LightsUpdated 2 years ago

This article applies to the lights in the following table
Int. Battery Lights VIS/Urban SECA COMP/TAZ VIS 360 PRO VIS 360 PRO Plus Rando 500
VIS 180
Ext. Battery Lights Seca Race* Seca Enduro* VIS Adventure*

If you feel like your bike light is not lasting as long as it should, the best way to confirm this is to do a run time test.

This test should be done indoors to provide a controlled environment for the test. You will need a timer and a small fan to keep the light cool.

1) Give the light a full charge so that the indicator light is solid green.

2) Place it in front of the fan, start your timer, and turn the light on (single press, first setting).

3) It's not necessary to watch the light the entire time. Check in on it every 15 minutes, then every 10 minutes for the last 1/2 hr.

Please set your light to high when performing this test

Light Runtime
VIS/Urban 1.5 Hrs
VIS 360 2 Hrs
VIS 180 4 Hrs
SECA Comp/TAZ 1.5 Hrs
Rando 3 Hrs
VIS Adventure 3 hrs - 3 Cell Battery

6 hrs - 6 Cell battery

Seca Enduro 2.5 Hrs - 6 Cell Battery
Seca Race 1.5 HRs - 3 Cell battery

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