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Solite ManualUpdated 2 years ago


You can use the light as a hand flash light or mount it on a head strap, helmet, or bike!

Mounting on a head strap: To mount to a head strap snap the battery into the battery bracket and slide the light into the front mount until it locks in place.

Mounting on a helmet/bike: To mount the light onto a helmet you will need to use the bike mounts


The Solite outdoor light has three main settings: high, medium, low and three secondary settings: read, pulse, and SOS. Cycling through these different functions is easy!

  • Solite’s all have one switch on the top of the head that controls power. A brief button push activates “Cruise” mode where you can cycle through high, med, or low with a single press
  • To turn your light off hold the power button for one second.
  • To enter read/camp mode press and hold the power button (while off) for 2 seconds. In this mode you will be able to cycle through Read, Pulse, and SOS.


Travel lockout mode is a way to lock your light off so that it will not accidentally turn on in your bag. This will help to preserve battery life.

When your light is off and unplugged, press and hold the power button for about 4 seconds. The indicator light will blink red 3 times activating travel lock out mode.  To unlock press and hold the power button for about 4 seconds. The indicator light will blink green 3 times.


When the battery of your Solite has reached 5-10% the light will begin to flash and switch to a lower setting. The light will continue to flash a warning every three minutes unless you manually change the setting.


When your battery is dead, the light will flash for 10 seconds then shut off.


  1. Plug the USB charging cable into an appropriate USB port on your computer or wall adapter.
  2. Attach the USB cable to the appropriate charging port on your Solite.
  3. Once the battery is attached to the USB charger, a flashing red, amber, or green LED will illuminate on the battery pack indicating the level of charge.
  4. When the LED indicator remains a constant green, this is an indication the battery is fully charged

The Solite will charge from depleted to full in about 5 hours (7.5 hours for the Solite 250EX with a 2A USB adapter). 


0-25%: pulsing red                                   100-50%: solid green

25-50%: pulsing amber                            50-25%: solid amber

50-99%: pulsing green                             25-10%: solid red

100%: solid green                                      10-0%: flashing red 


The Lithium-Ion battery contained in your light will power you through many hundreds of rides and will serve you well if you care for it properly. The battery may lose charge slowly over time, and damage can occur if it drains too far, so follow these simple rules:

  • Don’t store the battery dead. Charge it up after you ride!
  • Charge before your ride if it’s been in stored away for a while.
  • For long term storage, charge your battery every 6 months.

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