Traveling with your Urban, Taz, Imjin or Seca

We always recommend bringing your light with you in your carry-on luggage. Different security agencies have been known to disassemble our lights and there is no guarantee they will be re-assembled correctly.

Travel Lockout

Most Light & Motion lights are equipped with a travel feature that will prevent the light from inadvertently turning on should the power button or switch be engaged while the light is in your pocket or backpack/suitcase. This feature is called Travel Lockout Mode and is standard on the Urban, Taz, and Solite models.


To Lock your Urban hold the power button down for about 5 seconds until the rear indicator LED on the back of the body begins flashing red. Let go of the power button when the light begins flashing red. Pressing and releasing the power button again will cause the indicator LED to flash red three times but the light will not turn on. To Unlock your light, repeat this procedure of holding the power button down until the rear indicator LED flashes green. Release the power button once the indicator LED starts flashing green.


To lock the Taz, hold down both the main power button (clear) and the secondary button (black, located behind the power button) for about 5 seconds or until the clear power button begins flashing red, then release. To unlock the light hold the power button and secondary button down until the power button begins flashing green, the release. Pressing the power button once again will ignite your light.



Seca and Imjin

These products do not have a lock-out mode so it as simple as disconnecting the battery from the light to ensure no mistakes are made on your next trip!

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