Stella won't turn on, indicators flashing red

Travel Lock-Out Mode

Are you attempting to turn on your light, but the indicators are blinking red 3 times? It's likely that your light is in Travel Lock-out Mode. 

All Stella's are equipped with an electronic lockout feature, known as Travel Lock-out Mode. This keeps the light, and your luggage, safe during transit. By holding the slider switch in the forward position for 5 seconds, you can lock and unlock the light. Holding forward and seeing 3 red blinks means you have entered lockout. 3 green blinks after a 5 second hold and the light has been released from lockout.  

Stella's also have a rotating slider switch that prevents the slider from moving. Simply turn the switch dial 90 degrees so that the ridge on the switch points towards the front and rear of the light. This is a physical locking feature that we recommend pairing with the electronic lockout anytime you pack your lights up. This ensures safe traveling.

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