High/Medium One-touch Toggle Mode for Urban

What is the One-touch Toggle Mode?

This allows the user to alternate back and fourth between the High and Medium lumen output settings on your 2017-18 Urban 700, 900, 1000FC, and 1000FC Trail.


When passing another rider, car, or person traveling toward you, do you like to tone down your light intensity briefly out of consideration for others? Or are you looking to extend the run-time of your product?

If these are concerns you share, then this new feature is going to make your ride easier and more efficient. 

How to use it

Simply hold your power button down for a few seconds.  It will then ignite and you will be able to use the One-touch Toggle Mode. Notice now that by tapping the power button you will alternate between the High and Medium lumen output setting. Simply hold the power button down for a few more seconds to turn the light off.

To return to normal light functions, turn it on as you normally would by tapping the power button once quickly as you've done before.

How does this affect run-time?

An Urban light will burn for 1.5hrs on High. Do you need all that light for the entire ride? More light is usually needed the faster you travel; higher speeds require that you see further out in front of you to avoid hazards. But when you're slowly climbing a hill or cruising not as much light is needed. Having the ability to alternate between the two light outputs with one touch makes riding safer, increases total burn time, and allows you to ride further!

*Do the math: if half of your ride is spent using High and the other half on Medium, you can run the light for 2hrs 15mins!




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