Handlebar Mounts

In the never-ending quest to design the perfect handlebar mount our engineers have to consider a number of influencing factors. Our design has changed and evolved over the years but the one thing we’ve tried to maintain is an intuitive mount interface that will work with the widest variety of bikes, bars and helmets. Some of the features that our mounts boast:

Tool-less Mount: No need for an Allen-key or a Phillips screw-driver. The rubber strap is as simple as putting on your watch and can be installed and removed in under 10 seconds.

Minimalist Design: Between shifters, brake levers, GPS units, cell phone holders, on-board computers, front fork lock-outs and seat dropper controls; we know that real estate on your handlebars can get expensive. That’s why we strive to design a mount that takes up the bare minimum so you’ll have room for all those other fun accessories.

Handlebar Compatibility: Just like the people pedaling the bike, handlebars are a diverse group. From tapered bars, riser bars, flat bars, cut down fixie bars, roadie bars; our engineers have to design a mount that will work with everything.

Helmet compatibility: Speaking of diverse groups, have you seen the helmet designs these days?!? Every helmet maker puts their vent holes in a different location. Some are centered, some are double, some triple, the only thing consistent is no two helmets will look alike. All that being said we strive to design our lights to fit both handlebars and helmets and the helmet mount included with most of our lights should work with your fancy new lid.

-The Customer Service Team

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