Mounting your Vis 360 and Vis 360+

Mounting your Vis 360 and Vis 360+

Here’s how to mount your Vis 360 and Vis 360+ onto your helmet. The Vis 360 and 360+ is compatible with virtually every helmet out there and we’ve used a Troy Lee Design helmet in this demonstration:



Thread the rubber strap through the front mount piece as shown:


Place the front mount with the open slot facing down onto the helmet. Thread the rubber strap through the left vent and center the mount on the spine:


Thread the rubber strap under the spine and bring it back up through the right vent and slide through the slot on the mount body:


Pull the strap through tight and bring the rubber strap down over the peg on the nearest hole:


For the rear mount, locate two vent holes you can thread the Velcro straps through. In this example we will show how to use the oval catch piece:


Flip the helmet over and locate the two vent holes you will be sliding the Velcro straps through. Slide the Velcro through the oval catch piece as shown


Slide the Velcro through the vent holes you have chose and center the oval mounting piece on the spine of the helmet:


Bring the Velcro through the rear mount slot (rubber side down) and clinch down tight:


Tuck the Velcro strap back into the vent hole so the Velcro catches on itself:


Line up the snaps with the rear mount:


Snap the rear mount into place:


Slide the front head-light into the mount and adjust as necessary:

You’ve just successfully installed your Vis 360 or 360+ Congratulations!

- Casey

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