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A good set of lights is a significant investment. We created this guide to help you make the best decision for your riding. First the key elements to look for in a light or light system:

Lumens: The measure of light delivered by the product. We publish the test results of our lights and many of our competitors. Be aware that many manufactures lights don’t come close to delivering to their claims.

Lithium Ion battery: The highest power, lightest weight batteries on the market. Li-ion batteries are commonly found in cell phones and laptops due to their light weight and high power. Unfortunately they are also the most expensive batteries on the market.

L.E.D - Light emitting diodes: These new solid state components are revolutionizing the lighting world. They are rated to last for over 20,000 hours and are the most efficient light source ever developed. They require precise voltage and current supply to take advantage of their unique power which they get from our driver circuits. They do generate heat that must be removed for them to work which is why all our lights have carefully designed heat sinks.

Beam Pattern: Lumen power is important, but a good beam directs the light where you need it. Light and Motion designs custom reflectors to create the best beam pattern for street and trail. Most of our competitors use off the shelf flashlight reflectors. Look at the edges and transitions between the spot and flood and the beam’s edges. Any bright spots or sharp edges will create distracting dancing light spots when you ride.

Smart charging: About 1/2 your light system cost is in the battery and charger if it uses lithium ion cells. A smart charger helps the battery last longer and will charge it faster.


What makes our lights unique? 

We have the highest lumens per gram across every price point. We have the most efficient drivers, buy the best LEDs from Cree (another great company who makes the critical parts of their LEDs in North Carolina) and design the lightest weight lights on the market.

We offer the best beam pattern for your style of riding, be it street or trail from our custom designed reflectors.

Our tool-less mounts make it easy to take our lights on and off the bar or helmet.

We design our lighting systems with interchangeable batteries and lights. We make it easy to upgrade your lights by standardizing our connector system and designing our lights to work with every battery we offer. No other company supports this level of flexibility. You can buy a spare battery or upgrade your light head without needing to buy a whole new system.

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