External Battery Compatibility

Battery Compatibility

One of the main questions we get here at Light & Motion is whether or not an older light will be compatible with our newer batteries, and whether our new light-heads will work with the older batteries. The short answer is: Maybe

It really depends on whether or not you currently have a Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) or NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) battery. We switched over exclusively to Li-Ion several years ago but there are still NiMH batteries out there that are kicking strong. You can tell by checking the color of the inside terminal on the battery where the cord connects in. If it is red or black you have a Li-Ion system. If it is green or yellow or blue you have a NiMH system.

Older Ni-MH Systems:

New Li-Ion Systems:

-- 2 Cell Battery -- 3 Cell Battery -- 6 Cell Battery --

The cable connection has remained consistent through the years (three prong cable) so your light will be able to plug into any of the batteries.

For the most part, all of our light-heads are compatible with both the NiMH and Li-Ion batteries however run times will vary and due to the voltage differences we can’t guarantee that every light will work with every older NiMH battery.

Here is a quick overview of the battery compatibility with our older and current lights:


  • All Stella's with numbers higher than 200 are Li-Ion compatible only
  • Stella 150 are only compatible with NiMh 
  • Stella 180 are only compatible with the type of battery the original light came with, depending on the model some ran on NiMh and others ran on Li-Ion
  • Stella 120 is compatible only with the special NiMH pack it came with
  • Stella 120AA is compatible only with the AA pack it came with
  • ARC (HID) is compatible with NimH and Li-Ion
  • Solo Logic MV is compatible with NimH and Li-Ion
  • Solo and Solo Logic are NimH only
  • Apex is compatible only with the NimH battery it came with 


Our current charger is the Mini-L 1.5 and it ONLY compatible with Li-Ion batteries:

The Multi-Chemistry charger is able to charge both NiMH and Li-Ion except it will not charge a 2 cell Li-Ion cell.  We no longer make these chargers but they are still out there:

Older Style Vega Charger (discontinued):

Lithium Turbo Charger:

NiMH Turbo Charger:


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