Troubleshooting Your Bluefin Canon S30/G10/G

Here are a few steps you can take if your Bluefin's controls aren't performing to specifications.

Things To Check:

  • Is your camera's LCD screen flipped around, facing away from the camera body?  If it's not, flip it!
  • Is the black cable plugged ALL the way in to the Remote Jack?
  • Is the grey cable plugged into the camera's A/V jack?  Don't plug it into the Mic jack--it's the same size but won't work!
  • Is the camera's A/V jack set to output video?  Check the camera's menu to make sure it's not only putting out audio--the monitor can't display audio!
  • Do you have four batteries in the monitor back?  Are they oriented correctly?  Sometimes thick rechargeable batteries get stuck and don't connect with both contacts--check that as well.
  • Did you follow the instructions in your manual for programming your right handle for your camera?
  • Is the camera's Remote Ctrl setting set to ON?

One of your handles not working?

Right Handle:

  • Typically this signifies that the housing handle may have switched programming – to fix this hold down the T and W (down and right arrow on left handle) for three seconds to swap through various handle programs.
  • Cycles in the following order: Program 1 = S30/S21, Program 2 = G20/G10/XA10, and Program 3 = Sony.

 Left Handle:

  • If the left handle is not working at all, hold the "down arrow" and "right arrow" buttons down for three seconds at the same time.
  • This will cycle the handle through two programs for different cameras: the order is "Canon, Sony."

In case that did not remedy your handle issue - please check the following:

  • Handle battery may be dead or has been installed improperly and needs to be replaced or corrected. The photo below shows the right way to install handle batteries.
  • Is your LCD screen of the camera is closed and not flipped out? Doing this blocks the small IR sensor which makes it impossible for the camera to receive signal from the housing. Screen should be faced outwards away from the camera.
  • Inside the housing – please verify that fiber optic cables are securely fastened in the handles and that nothing is blocking the optical pathways.


Still not working?

We are here for you! You can open a service ticket here


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