Bluefin/Stingray Handle Thread Kit Replacement

Replacing the Handle Thread Kit on your Bluefin Housing

Our Bluefin housing is pretty durable but from time to time accidents happen and should one or both of the handles take too hard of an impact the Thread Kits holding the handles in place are meant to break as a sacrificial piece (the alternative is the metal shears off the housing which would be much more costly to repair...) The part # to replace the Thread Kit is 802-0147 and is called the Handle Thread Ring Kit.

Here are the instructions to replace the Thread Kit on your Bluefin/Stingray Housing:





Using the Spanner Wrench provided (pictured below) insert the pin into the hole located on the plastic Thread Kit between the handle and the body of the housing.

Spanner Wrench:

Thread Kit between handle and body

The threads are reversed so orienting the wrench towards the front of the camera for the right handle and pushing down on the wrench will loosen it (Clockwise loosens the handle)

Make sure to press firmly down on the spanner wrench above the pin as you turn so the wrench doesn't slip out. Continue to turn the wrench as the handle loosens. Once the thread kit is loose enough you should be able to loosen with your fingers.

The handle will eventually come off and you will be able to see the optics that go into the housing

Once the handle is removed, use a small pick or the tip of a pen/mechanical pencil to gently wedge under the silver retaining ring found inside the thread it.

There is a gap in the silver ring and you want to insert the point into this gap and then slide it up and under to get some leverage so you can pry it out.

Continue to work the point around the sliver ring pushing it outwards as you go. This can be a bit tricky so don't get discouraged if it snaps back into place a few times.

Once you're worked enough of the sliver ring out you should be able to reach in with your fingers and gently remove the ring. The plastic thread kit will then slid off the base of the housing.

Go ahead and install the new parts and repeat these instructions in reverse to get your Housing back up and running!




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