Mounting Your Vis 180 Micro & Micro II

Mounting Your Vis 180 Micro


To Your Seatpost:

Open up the back of your Vis 180 Micro arm so it swings open and ratchets between positions.

Insert the rubber strap through the slot on the back of the mount arm such that the ribbed section faces away from the body of the light. Pull the strap all the way through so that the ribbed panel sits flush against the mount arm.

Bring the rubber strap over the side with the peg and loop the hole over the peg.

Find a good place on your seatpost to mount the light and bring the rubber strap around your post being sure to bring the strap back over the mount arm.

Adjust to a good angle and get out and ride!!


On your Backpack:

Snap the ratchet arm open on the back of your Vis 180 Micro.

Slide the open ratchet arm into a strap on your backpack>

Snap the mount arm closed so it locks out.

You're all set now get out there and hit the street!!


To Your Jersey:

Another good mounting option is to clip the light onto one of the back pockets of your jersey. Clipping the light on the left most pocket is your best bet as this will put the light more in-line with drivers as you ride on the right shoulder of the road.


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