Using your Dive light above water

Using Your Dive Light Topside

One of the main questions we get here is whether or not our Dive Lights can be used above water.


In the case of the Sola Family the answer is "not really". Due to the high output of the Sola lights the heat generated by the LEDs must get dissipated into the medium the light is being used in (and away from the sensitive electronics!). Water is more efficient when it comes to heat transfer and thus our lights are designed to dissipate the heat below the surface.

That being said if you need to use a Sola top-side briefly after a dive to locate or put away gear we recommend only using the lower setting and not leaving the light on for more than 5 minutes.

Should your light accidentally turn on or if you absolutely need to use the light topside for an extended period of time your Sola has circuitry designed into it that will prevent it from overheating and damaging itself. This feature is called "Thermal Rollback" and will either drop the light into a lower setting or turn the light off should it start to get too hot.


GoBe was designed to be the all-purpose light and can absolutely be used both above and below the surface. The unique design of light-head allows for the heat to dissipate efficiently in both air and water.



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