USB Charging & Charge Rates

USB Charging & Charge Rates

Most Light & Motion products incorporate a USB charging method. This means you can use both a USB power source/AC adapter or your computer to charge up your light. Most cell phones these days incorporate a similar charging method and include the AC power adapter with the phone which you can use with your Light & Motion light and charge cable.

For our Urban, Solite, Taz, Vis 180 and Vis 360 lights we use a Standard USB to Micro-USB charge cable.

The GoBe incorporates a USB Cable with a specialized charge dongle.

Charge Rates

All USB receptacles supply a consistent 5 volts and typically most USB power sources/AC adapters supply between 0.5 and 2.0 amps. With the exception of the Taz and GoBe lights all of our USB lights will charge at 0.5 amps no matter the power source. When plugged into a data port (computers and hubs) Taz and GoBe will charge at 0.5. When using a USB power source they will draw up 2 amps or to the current limit of the AC power adapter. The limit can be found on the power source usually near the prongs.

The GoBe and the Taz are both equipped with "smarter" electronics that allow the lights to charge up faster if the output of the Power Source is more than 0.5 amps. Both the Taz and the GoBe max out at 1.8 amps which is the fastest rate at which they can charge. Typically iPhone wall adapters are 1A-1.5A while the iPad chargers are 2A. The power adapter shown above is 2A and can be found here.

GoBe Charge Times

Taz Charge Times

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