Charging Your Taz

1. Plug the included USB cable into the appropriate USB portion your computer or wall adapter

2. Attach the Taz to the USB cable, inserting the plug into the system's charging port appropriately

3. Once the battery is attached to the USB charger, a flashing red, amber, or green LED will illuminate on the clear oval button indicating the level of charge for the battery.

4. Holding the secondary button during charge will indicate the rate at which the Taz is charging:

Red: <0.5 Amp
Amber: 0.5-1 Amp
Green: >1 Amp

5. When the charging indicator LED remains a constant green, this is an indication the battery is fully charged.

Low Battery Warning: All Light & Motion lights incorporate a low battery warning and battery discharge protection circuit. When the battery gets to less than 25% of capacity, the indicator light will blink. When the battery gets to less than 5% the indicator light will blink faster,  and the main light will switch to a lower setting to conserve battery life. The light will continue to flash a warning every three minutes unless you manually change the setting.


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