Taking care of your Sola

Just like any expensive diving gear, your Sola needs to be washed and maintained routinely if you want it to last. Here are some tips to keep your light in the best condition possible:

1) Always rinse off the Sola with fresh water after diving. Cracking your tank valve and spray some air on the charge ports of the light to clear any moisture. This part of the light is most susceptible to corrosion.

2) Charge the light after every dive and make sure the charge ports are dry before charging! Minerals in fresh water (especially ocean water) will cause corrosion when electrical current is passed through. If the Sola is in storage for extended amount of time recharge the light every 2-3 months. Store your Sola in a cool dry place.

3) If the charging ports have lost their sheen, this is a sign of corrosion. Keep the contacts clean by using a diluted vinegar solution (1 part vinegar and 4 parts water) and some Q-Tips for day to day cleaning. Steel wool can be used if the corrosion is thick, but don't over do it, the metal coating on the charge ports can be scratched away over time. Check the prongs on your charger as well. They too can corrode. 

4) The bezel should never have to be removed (***2 year Warranty is VOIDED if it is removed****) but if you do need to, the main o-ring should be greased with silicon before putting the bezel back on. Make sure there are no hairs or fibers on the o-ring before resealing. The smallest hair will allow water to seep into the light under pressure. 



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