Bike Repair Pricing

Here at Light & Motion we back our products 100% whether through warranty, repairs, or upgrade programs. However, after 25 years of innovation some of our famed products have gone obsolete and we can no longer repair them. The prices for all repairable items are shown in the table below:

Seca (Light Head only)

1800, 2000 (2018), 2500


Imjin 800 (Light Head only)



1200, 1500, 2000



350, 500, 650, 700, 800, 900, 1000 


Urban Fast Charge

850FC Trail, 1000FC, 1000FC Trail





Vis 360/ Vis Pro

360+, Vis Pro + Vis Pro Adventure


Vis 180/ Vis 180 Pro


Vis 180 Micro


Small Fixes (Buttons, USB, mount, cord)

Pricing Varies


  *Prices above do not include shipping and handling

In order to initiate the repair process we ask that you submit your request here. In this request please include which light you have, why your light needs repairing, and contact/shipping information. We will then issue your repair authorization number (RA#) to send back with your light.

When sending your light in for repairs please send them with the following ship-to address:

Light & Motion

Attn: RA#####

711 Neeson Rd

Marina, CA


After sending your light in for repair you can expect a 2 week repair time depending on the volume of current repairs. You have the option of paying a $40 expedited fee that will guarantee the repair to be completed in under 3 business days.

If your light is not on the list above it may still be repairable! Feel free to reach out to us to see what services are available. If we cannot repair your light ask us about our Upgrade Program!

Click here to Contact Sustomer Support.



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