VIS 180 / VIS 180 Micro (Micro II) Manual

The Vis 180 tail lights have four settings: High pulse, Solid, Low pulse and Paceline. For those wondering what Paceline mode is, it only allows for the Amber side lights to be activated. This provides better visibility for the riders behind you if you are in a pack or peloton, while still getting the benefit side safety lighting. 

Using the Vis 180 is easy:

  • To turn your light on simply press the power button once
  • To cycle through the different lights click the power button once again and your light will go from High pulse, Solid, Low pulse, to Paceline, and repeat.
  • To power off your light hold the power button for 1 second. 


When the battery of your light has reached 5-10% the light will automatically drop down into Paceline mode to preserve battery life.



  1. Plug the USB charging cable into an appropriate USB port on your computer or wall adapter.
  2. Attach the USB cable to the appropriate charging port on your VIS 180.
  3. Once the battery is attached to the USB charger, the Vis 180 will display a flashing red, amber, or green LED indicating the level of charge as shown below. The Vis 180 Micro will flash the amber side light while it is charging
  4. Vis 180: when the LED indicator remains a constant green, the battery is fully charged.

4a. Vis 180 Micro: Does not have multi-colored charge indicator. The Amber light will blink when charging and turn off completely when battery has reached full charge.

The VIS 180 will charge from depleted to full in about 5 hours (2.5 hours for the VIS 180 Micro). 


0-25%: pulsing red                                                           100-50%: solid green

25-50%: pulsing amber                                                     50-25%: solid amber

50-99%: pulsing green                                                      25-10%: solid red            

100%: solid green                                                             10-0%: flashing red


The Lithium-Ion battery contained in your light will power you through many hundreds of rides and will serve you well if you care for it properly. The battery may lose charge slowly over time, and damage can occur if it drains too far, so please follow these simple guidelines:

  • Try not to store the battery if its dead. Charge it up after you ride!
  • Charge before your ride if it’s been in stored away for a a week or more to get full runtime.
  • For long term storage, charge your battery every 6 months.


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