Replacing Bluefin Housing Handle Ring Kit

What you will need:

To get started you will need a couple of tools. First you will need the handle removal tool that comes with the Handle Thread Ring Kit and flathead tool (careful that metal may cause scratching).

Place the handle removal tool into the hole on the round plastic ring. Hold handle in place to secure the ring and twist the handle turn the handle away from you (this is when facing the monitor)

Once handle is off, find the overlapping end of the spring as shown in the below picture.

Take the flathead tool and pick out the overlapping piece of the spring (this may take a few tries). Once the overlapping section has been lifted continue to move along the spring to lift out the remaining coil.

Once the spring is out you can take off the plastic ring. You can follow the above steps in reverse to attach the new plastic ring for the handle.

*Note when inserting the spring back in, place the end piece of the spring and continue to spin following the direction of the spring until secured.

****If this proves to be too difficult to do at home, we do have a full handle service for $75. Contact customer service at [email protected] to receive and RA# and send your housing in!****

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