VYA Manuals

Vya knows when you go. Light & Motion leads the industry with yet another technological feat, the buttonless smart-light. Vya uses motion-detecting sensors that can feel when the bike begins to move to automatically turn on and utilizes the scientifically proven Safepulse light pattern to keep you even safer on the road. After 20 seconds of completely motionless activity, the Vya will automatically turn off to conserve battery. Don't worry though, those long breaks at a stop sign or stoplight aren't quite still enough to turn them off. Conveniently designed, the light can quickly be disengaged from the mount for easy theft protection and at only 30 grams per unit, they are small enough to carry in your back pocket or bag after you've reached your destination. All in all, Vya is effortless and innovative, keeping you on the cutting edge of bike safety.




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