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Sola Manual

Sola User Manual Sola Pro 3800 Sola 3800 Sola 2500 S/F Sola 2000 S/F Sola 2500 F Sola Photo 1200 Sola Pro 2000 Sola Pro 1200 S/F Sola Night Sea Sola WFRS

GoBe Manual

GoBe Operation Modes

Getting to Know Your GoBeGoBe 1000 Wide FCGoBe 800 Spot FCGoBe 500 SpotGoBe Red Spot Standard Mode (Quick Press and Release): Low - Medium - HighLow - 12% of total lumen output on HighMedium - 50% of total lumen output on HighHigh - 100% of total lum

GoBe SOS Mode

All GoBe lights have an SOS mode built in. For the GoBe S models the SOS mode can be operated by using the button. Step 1: Start with the light head in the off position. Step 2: Push and hold the power button down until the light head comes on in the

Sola 15k Manual

Sola 15,000 Manual