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Charging your SolaUpdated a year ago

Charging Your Sola Light

Plug your charger into a reliable power source. 

The indicator LED on your charger will remain green when it is plugged into a power source but the prongs are not plugged into the light

Plug the prongs into the gold contacts of your light being sure to insert them all the way in

The indicator light on the charger will change from green to red to indicate that your Sola is successfully charging

The Dashboard LEDs will move from left to right to indicate that the light is charging. When the battery is drained below 50% they will show RED, when above 50% they will be AMBER and when it gets to 75% full they will change to GREEN

When your Sola is fully charged the LED on the charger will change from red to green and the Dasboard LEDs will remain solid GREEN

Your Sola is all charged up, now GO DIVE!!

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