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Dive FAQ

Using your Dive light above water

Using Your Dive Light TopsideOne of the main questions we get here is whether or not our Dive Lights can be used above water.SolaIn the case of the Sola Family the answer is "not really". Due to the high output of the Sola lights, the heat generated

How deep can you take a Sola Dive light?

Our equipment is designed to withstand the maximum pressure of 300 ft / 100m.

Sidekick: Tips and Tricks

Battery Indicator To tell how much charge your Sidekick has left without blinding yourself try this:Press and hold down the top button (on/off and intensity), this will illuminate the battery indicator letting you know how much charge is still left o

How often should I grease/replace my o-rings?

With normal wear an tear, the o-rings on a dive product will remain in great condition for at least 2-3 years. Those who enter salty or mucky conditions more frequently than the average diver will see accelerated wear and tear. If the bezel is ever r

Help! I don’t know how to turn my Sola off!

Make sure the switch is unlocked by twisting it so that it is oriented horizontally relative to the light’s face. Push the switch all the way forward or all the way back for two seconds to turn off the light.

Sola Old Style vs. New Style Body

Old Style vs. New Style Solas In 2012 we made the decision to re-design the mounting system and the body of the Sola lights. Previous design used a rail system to secure the “d-ring mount” to the bottom of the light with a set-screw applying pressure

Run-time (Burn-time) Test - Dive Lights

Have you noticed that your light may not be getting the complete run-time as specified? First, make sure that your light is getting a full charge before use. If you haven't charged the light in a couple weeks, the battery drains slightly and will hav

Sola is not charging and won't turn on

This issue is commonly known as a "sleeping Sola." It can happen to old and new lights alike. Why do Solas do sleep? The short reason is, battery preservation. Neglected batteries conserve remaining battery life to avoid deep discharge (battery damag

Charging your Sola

Charging Your Sola Light Plug your charger into a reliable power source. For all Solas 1200 and up and the Tech 600 and Sola Nightsea use the Sola 2-Amp Charger. For the Sola 800s and lower use the Sola 1-Amp Charger. The indicator LED on your charg

Sola won't turn on, indicator lights flash red

Travel Lock-out Mode What is it? A convenient way to lock your light when it's not in use.   You may be experiencing Travel Lock-out Mode if:  The light will charge normally, but when you try to turn it on the indicator lights blink red a few tim

What do the colored LED lights on my Sola mean?

The color of the lights indicates battery life – green is full, amber is half, red is low, flashing red is very low. When the light is charging, the lights will go from red to amber to flashing green to solid green to indicate charge level. The numbe