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Run-time (Burn-time) Test - Dive LightsUpdated a year ago

Have you noticed that your light may not be getting the complete run-time as specified?

First, make sure that your light is getting a full charge before use. If you haven't charged the light in a couple weeks, the battery drains slightly and will have a lower run-time. Second, double check the specifications of the light. Should it be running for 70 mins or 55 mins on flood? Its always good to review the manual and see what your lights actual run-times are. Lights more than a few years old will in fact have a slightly depleted battery that will not deliver the same burn-time as when they were new.

Before contacting customer support, perform a burn-time test to make sure it truly has an issue:


Run time on highest setting 

Sola Model (2L)Target burn-time on high power
Photo 1200 70 minutes (flood) 
WFRS 70 minutes (flood) 
Dive 800 70 minutes (flood) 
Dive 1200 70 minutes (flood) 
Dive 2000 55 minutes (flood) 
Dive 2500 50 minutes (flood) 
Dive Pro 2000 45 minutes 
Video 2000 s/f
55 minutes (flood)
Video 2500 f60 minutes
 Video/Pro 3800  50 minutes 
Nightsea70 minutes  (flood)
Video Pro 15k 35 minutes 



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