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Sidekick: Tips and TricksUpdated a year ago

Battery Indicator

To tell how much charge your Sidekick has left without blinding yourself try this:
Press and hold down the top button (on/off and intensity), this will illuminate the battery indicator letting you know how much charge is still left on the battery. The light, if checking the battery level for longer than 4 seconds, may go into travel lock out mode.

Travel Lock
If your Sidekick will not illuminate when pressing the power button you may be in travel lock out; Hold the power button down until the battery indicator flashes green at you 3 times (after about 4 seconds), once this happens release the power button and your Sidekick will turn on normally. To lock the Sidekick, it is the same procedure except you would wait for the battery indicator to flash red at you 3 times.

Cleaning Contacts 
If you contacts are beginning to corrode the best way to clean them is with a diluted solution of vinegar (1 part Vinegar and 4 parts Water). Also a piece of steel wool can be used in this process as an abrasive material if required.

Installing the Dive Arm Kit

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**If you are still having troubles with connecting the Loc-Line to the Loc-Line mount, dipping the mount into a rolling boil for 10 seconds may soften The plastic just enough to make that initial connection a bit easier.



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