What is it?

A convenient way to lock your light when it's not in use.  

You may be experiencing Travel Lock-out Mode if: 

The light will charge normally, but when you try to turn it on the indicator lights blink red a few times. 

You will notice that on older Sola models the LED indicator light will blink red 5 times.

On our current Sola models the LED indicator will blink red 3 times.

How is it useful?

Accidents happen. Whether you are commuting to your local dive spot or getting on a plane to your favorite vacation destination, Travel Lock-out Mode ensures that your light won't turn on and drain out if the switch is bumped before your next dive!

How to use it:

Sola ): To put your light in the Travel Lock-out Mode, slide and hold the switch forward for 5-7 seconds. The indicator light should start flashing red, then release the switch into the neutral position. Your light will now be locked and moving the power slider will not affect the power. The indicator lights will flash red a few times if you try to turn the light on.

To take it out of lock-out mode, slide and hold the switch forward for 5-7 seconds. When the indicator light flashes green a few times, return the switch to the neutral position. Your light will now function again.

You can also rotate the switch 90 degrees to lock the slider switch so that it cannot slide forward or backward. It is recommended to do both.

Sola Pro 8000 /9600, 15k : There is dial above your switch that allows the light to be turned on and off. If the fin of the dial is parallel to the switch, the light is on and able to function. When the dial is turned and the fin is perpendicular to the switch, the light will turn off and effectively be in Travel Lock-out Mode.

Sola 4000: This light also has a dial with a coin slot that electrically disconnects the battery from the circuit to ensure safe travel. There are two positions: the slot is either lined up with the diver symbol or the airplane. Over-rotation can cause damage so try not to exceed a 90 degree turn.