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Mounting Your UrbanUpdated 2 years ago

Mounting Your Urban

If the rubber strap is on the peg, remove it so it opens and swings freely.

Turn the mount so it is 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the body of the light (this allows you to mount the light on your bars much easier).

Find a good place on your handlebars and place the light on the bars such that the peg faces you (so it will be in back when you re-orient the light to face forward).

Bring the strap under the bar and pull it tight so it securely fastens onto the peg. If there is enough strap left over you can double it back over the peg to keep it from flapping around.

Readjust the light 90 degrees so it faces where you want it.

You're all set, now get out and hit the street!





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