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Mounting Your Lights

Articles for mounting your Bike lights.

How to mount your Vis 360 and Vis 360+ on your helmet?

How to mount Vis 360 and Vis 360+ on a helmet from Light & Motion on Vimeo.

Solite Helmet Mount

Mounting Your Solite on a Helmet Using the Solite Bike and Helmet Mount Kit (included with the Solite 250EX) locate the Front Light-Head Mount and the Rear Battery Bracket Mount. Find a good front vent on the helmet to install the Front Mount onto a

Mounting Your Urban

Mounting Your Urban If the rubber strap is on the peg, remove it so it opens and swings freely. Turn the mount so it is 90 degrees (perpendicular) to the body of the light (this allows you to mount the light on your bars much easier). Find a good

Mounting Your Vis 180

Mounting your Vis 180 To Your Seatpost: Find a good place on your seatpost to attach the mount and wrap one end around the seatpost. Bring the rubber strap around the seatpost and pull it through the slot. Pull the rubber strap tight and bring one

Mounting the Seca and Stella lights on a Helmet Mount

Mounting the Seca and Stella lights on a Helmet Here are some easy steps that will hopefully shed some light (har har) for mounting your Seca or Stella onto your helmet. We found that the top vent holes work the best as gravity is in your favor as t

How to mount and use your Seca Comp / Taz bike light?

MOUNTING - Mount to a handlebar with a simple but thoughtfully designed strap that cinches light to bar to prevent movement in bumpy terrain.Step 1. Place light in desired potion on handle bar.Step 2. Rotate light 90 degrees for easy access and feed

Vis 180 Removal Tutorial

Light & Motion Vis 180 Tutorial Vis180 Removal Tutorial from Light & Motion on Vimeo.

Solite Bike Mount

Mounting Your Solite Directly on Your BikeLocate the Front Mount and the Rear Battery Bracket Mount as well as the zip ties included with the Solite Bike and Helmet Mount Kit. Using the included zip ties find a suitable place on your stem to attach t

Assembling your 2012-'14 Urban Mount

Urban GoPro Mount Installation

Mounting the Urban to GoPro Adapter 1. Remove the bar mount from the light head. a. Use the provided 2mm Allen key to remove the mount screw. b. Using your finger or other tool pull the rubber mount pad out from the plastic mount. c. Slide the bar mo

Urban Quick Release Mount

Since model year 2016 many of the Urban lights ship with a quick release mount. The interface allows for a quick removal of the Urban from your handlebars for charging, running into a store to grab some cold beverages (don’t forget to lock your bike!

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