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Solite Bike MountUpdated 2 years ago

Mounting Your Solite Directly on Your Bike

Locate the Front Mount and the Rear Battery Bracket Mount as well as the zip ties included with the Solite Bike and Helmet Mount Kit. Using the included zip ties find a suitable place on your stem to attach the front mount making sure that the open slot is facing down. Slide the zip ties through holes in the four corners of the mount and over the bars so the mount remains secure.

Install the Rear Battery Mount onto the battery of your Solite.

Slide the light-head up into the front mount until it clicks/locks into place.

Place the battery/rear mount on your stem with the rubber strap hanging over one side.

Bring the rubber strap under the stem and then back over the battery. Pull the strap tight and cinch it down over the peg so the battery remains secure.

You're all set, now get out and ride!!

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