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Urban Quick Release MountUpdated 2 years ago

Since model year 2016 many of the Urban lights ship with a quick release mount. The interface allows for a quick removal of the Urban from your handlebars for charging, running into a store to grab some cold beverages (don’t forget to lock your bike!), or any other time where leaving the mount on the bike is convenient but light removal is necessary. Many customers buy more than one quick release mount to switch lights between bikes and the mount is backwards compatible with older model Urbans if you want to upgrade.

If you are unfamiliar with the new mount here are some handy hints:

Initial Installation

Wrap the strap around the handlebar and secure tightly to the peg on the mount. It often helps to rotate the light 90 degrees to have leverage to pull the strap tighter. Any extra length of the strap can then be doubled back over the same peg for the cleanest installation possible.

Removing the Light 

Pull the light straight back from the mount. A little force may be necessary as the light is ‘locked in’ so it won’t fall out when riding.

When light is removed make sure the charge port plug is securely in place. If you are charging, the rear half of the plug should remain inserted.

Re-inserting the Light on Mount Base

Line up post on bottom of light with mount.

Push light straight onto mount. You will hear or feel a slight click when light is firmly in place.

***Make sure light is completely inserted to avoid it falling out of the mount on your ride. To test rotate back and forth and lightly pull rearward – the light won’t release from mount if it is completely inserted***


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