Standard cleaning protocol:

To ensure a long and healthy life-span of your Sola light, it is best to thoroughly rinse the Sola after each dive with fresh water and dry the contacts before charging. If the charger is plugged in to wet contacts, this causes electrolysis and will cause corrosion even with fresh water. This basically makes all the minerals in the water stick and form crusty deposits on the contacts.


What do I do if my contacts have corrosion?

A little bit over corrosion over time is normal and easy to remove.

How to remove contact corrosion:

You can make our own cleaning solution by mixing a few drops of 50% vinegar / 50% water. With a small amount of this mixture and small piece of fine steel wool, you can gently remove corrosion and get these battery contacts shining like new! Roll the steel wool it between your fingers so it forms a small point. Insert the point into the dirty contact and press and twist to loosen up the salt corrosion.

What is the best way to dry my Sola?

Residual water droplets can lurk inside the small space of the charge contacts and cause corrosion. Using compressed air is great way to ensure your contacts are dry. If you have some pressure left in your air tank, you can open the valve and use that as well!