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Dive Light Servicing

Articles on care and servicing your dive lights.

Sola Wake Up / Bump

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get your sola to wake up.Sola Wake Up:1. Plug a working Sola charger into a wall outlet.2. Tap the contacts of your light with the contacts of the charger by quickly inserting the charger into the li

Sola - Removing switch assembly and opening purge valve

Disclaimer: Do not attempt to disassemble this product if you are within warranty and have not received permission from a customer service representative or inside sales manager. If the product is outside of the 2-year warranty, we advise that you co

Battery Care Tips - Dive Lights

Li-Ion batteries are used in all current Light & Motion dive lights. Here are some helpful tips to keep you happy and your light healthy: 1) Out of the box, always fully charge your system before its first use. Systems are shipped only partially cha

Sola Care & Maintenance

Just like any expensive diving gear, your Sola needs to be washed and maintained routinely. Here are some tips to keep your light in the best condition possible. 1) Always rinse off the Sola with fresh water after diving. Run the slider switch up and

Sola is not charging - Cleaning the contacts

Cleaning Your Sola Contacts Standard cleaning protocol: To ensure a long and healthy life-span of your Sola light, it is best to thoroughly rinse the Sola after each dive with fresh water and dry the contacts before charging. If the charger is pl

Sola Dive light - Troubleshooting

Please review the steps below if you are having trouble getting your Dive light working. This article applies to the following lights. Warranty: If your light is still under warranty. Please contact Customer service ([email protected]) before p