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Sola Wake Up / BumpUpdated a year ago

Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get your sola to wake up.

Sola Wake Up:

1. Plug a working Sola charger into a wall outlet.

2. Tap the contacts of your light with the contacts of the charger by quickly inserting the charger into the light and removing.

3. Do this rapidly and repeatedly for about 10-15 seconds

4. On the last tap fully insert the charger into the light

Bump Light:

Sometimes the board in the Sola can get misaligned due to travel or jostling. This can prevent the light from charging, as the contacts on the board would not connect to the contacts on the inside of the light body. It also can prevent the light from turning on, as the magnet would not move over the correct spot on the board

1. Place padding such as a towel on a hard surface. This will provide some cushion to prevent damage to your Sola. 

2. To try to realign the board give the rear (charge contacts down, glass lens up) a firm tap on the towel/hard surface. 

These both don't always work the first time so you may have to try a few times. (one at a time)

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