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Warranty PolicyUpdated a year ago


Light & Motion provides warranties against manufacturer defects for 2 years starting from the date of purchase. Our warranty is non-transferable and does not cover failures from misuse or user error including improperly stored batteries. We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any product that is found to be defective under our warranty policy. Verification of purchase date must be provided with any claim.


Light & Motion assures the following services on the basis of this warranty throughout the respective warranty period:

At Light & Motion’s discretion, repair or replacement with parts/components of the same value, whereby the replacement may vary from that being replaced with regard to the model and/or color;

Light & Motion grants a 2-year warranty on a replacement light during the warranty period due to a material or production defect, irrespective of other warranty periods;

If a Light & Motion light is exchanged in full for a new one due to a material or production defect, the same warranty provisions as for a newly purchased Light & Motion light shall apply.


Rental programs carry a 90-day warranty

StellaPro rental products carry a limited 1-year warranty

Batteries are warrantied for 1 year

Using lights outside of their intended purpose may cause damage to the lights and void warranty.  For example, Sola Dive & Underwater Imaging Lights are to be used in water ONLY, using them topside could result in permanent damage to the light.

Light & Motion lights are tested and certified in accordance with the ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standard within a range of plus or minus 10%. As an industry leader we offer complete transparency of light specifications. Our testing data is published on Please note battery performance can be affected by charging cycles, temperature, and storage conditions. Please read the manual for more information on best practices for extending battery life.

The following components/parts and circumstances shall be excluded from this warranty or lead to exclusion from this warranty:

    • Cosmetic discoloration from wear and use, and product damage from misuse
    • If the light is technically modified without the approval of Light & Motion
    • Non-Light & Motion branded product, parts, or components
    • Any upgrades to the version as delivered
    • Repairs that have not been carried out by trained specialists
    • Inappropriate use/transport
    • Inappropriate or neglectful maintenance/operation/upkeep
    • Damage resulting from omitted or incorrect adjustment(s) or worn components
    • Damage due to unsuitable cleaning agents, utensils such as high-pressure cleaners \, or the additives used
    • Damage caused by climatic conditions or normal wear
    • Consequences of a fall
    • Lost parts
    • Wear parts
    • Using lights outside of their intended purpose
    • Using Sola Dive & Underwater Imaging lights out of the water

The following parts shall constitute wear parts and are excluded from this warranty:

  • Ports and optics
  • Retaining rings
  • Airtight seals/O-rings
  • Moving parts made from metal, rubber, or plastic
  • Batteries


The warranty provisions of Light & Motion are comprehensive and final.

In particular, no party (including the authorized Light & Motion dealer) is or shall be authorized by Light & Motion to grant any guarantees or other warranty entitlements or rights over and above these warranty provisions.

Exclusively Light & Motion shall be authorized to rule on any warranty claims for Light & Motion products.


Light & Motion’s liability for damage resulting from defects to the Light & Motion product shall always be limited at most to the original purchase price of the Light & Motion product in question.

Light & Motion shall in no circumstances accept liability for damage caused by force majeure events, fortuitous and/or unforeseeable events, or consequential damage, in other words, Light & Motion is not liable for any loss, damages, or expenses including incidental or consequential damages directly or indirectly arising from the sale or use of this product.

Any liability for damage that may occur through the use of the Light & Motion product by third parties shall likewise be excluded. Solely the buyer or rider shall be responsible for such damage to third parties.

The above limitation of liability and the exclusion of liability shall not apply to the extent that Light & Motion is liable on the basis of legally mandatory regulations.

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