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Dive - Travel Lockout

Sola Travel Lockout

Video on how to activate Travel Lockout Mode on your Sola dive light.

Traveling with your Sola

We always recommend bringing your lights with you in your carry-on luggage. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow individual lights under 100 watts to be checked or carried on. This includes all Sola lights. Different security a

Travel Lock-out Mode for Sola

What is it?A convenient way to electronically lock your light when it's not in use or traveling. You may be experiencing Travel Lock-out Mode if: The light will charge normally, but when you try to turn it on the indicator lights blink red a few time

Travel Lock-out Mode - GoBe

You may be experiencing Lock-out Mode if:  You try to turn on your light and the light does not turn on but the indicator LED below the power button flashes red three times. What is it? A way to lock your light so that it will not accidentally turn

GoBe won't turn on, red light flashing

This may be because of your light being in Travel Lockout Mode. There are two ways to enter and exit Travel Lock-out Mode for your Gobe. To enter travel lockout mode, push and hold the power button down for about 5-6 seconds, or until you see the lig